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Marketing Manager at CovalentCareers

San Diego, California


CovalentCareers is a rapidly growing media company in the heart of Hillcrest in beautiful San Diego, CA. Our values as a team lie on a foundation of learning, growing, and crushing goals every day!

Our team's growth and happiness are our top priority and will forever receive our fullest attention. When everyone is stoked about what they do and where they work, we are able to build a team of A-players who are ready for anything. That's where you come in.

Learn More About Our Amazing Team

Who are we? 

Join one of California’s fastest growing marketing & media companies in the healthcare space, located right in the heart of Hillcrest in San Diego!

Our user base consists of healthcare professionals and healthcare employers across the U.S. and is fueled by a suite of online media tailored specifically for new graduates in eyecare and allied health fields.

Our purpose as a company is to empower new healthcare professionals to create happy and successful careers, and we're achieving this every day through world-class technology, marketing, and talent acquisition solutions.

Where are we? 

Having an office in the heart of Hillcrest has its perks: walk to local coffee shops and breweries, collaborate with teammates over some of the best fish tacos in San Diego, or take a stroll right over to Balboa Park!

What does it mean to be a Marketing Manager for CovalentCareers?

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for leading the 4 core marketing segments of at CovalentCareers with the core goal of growing our user base.

  1. content marketing
  2. brand marketing
  3. product marketing
  4. advertising

By leading these 4 core marketing segments, the Marketing Manger will focus on growing our candidate and employer pipelines so that the CovalentCareers recruiting and sales teams can generate new revenue.

What's great is that our technology is dialed in. There's no messy databases or CRMs here! We utilize HubSpot with some amazing customizations to keep our sales and marketing data tightly unified, complete with detailed tracking and source attribution. You'll love how clean our systems are and how fast they're scaling.

This position is for someone who wants to work in a fast-paced environment with the ability to grow and advance in this position extremely quickly. If you are tired of routine and doing the same day-to-day tasks, or perhaps your upward mobility in your current position is limiting the ability to advance in your career, keep reading.

We are looking specifically for someone who has experience with and possesses the following core skills:

  • Inbound marketing with a focus on content
  • Project management
  • SaaS Product marketing
  • Management of teams

We're looking for someone who loves strategizing, developing and launching inbound marketing campaigns and has a beaming grin on their face when they see the number of downloads or views on these campaigns. This position isn't about blindly churning out assets; it's about being creative and helping CovalentCareers members and readers. It's about pitching wild ideas because the only way to be the best is to aim high!  

What are the core job duties?

Yes, this is a long list, but don't sweat that. We'd rather give you a very accurate idea of what this job is like instead of giving you 5-10 mediocre and vague bullet points. We're very clear on the duties for this role and are looking for someone who has significant experience that matches this role.

Strategy & Reporting:

  • perform weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting to help brief the team and the CEO on your project pipeline
  • present your reports in marketing meetings and company-wide meetings
  • maintain your the marketing department's budget and spend it in the best way you see possible to improve our top 5 marketing KPIs
  • track content data and analytics using Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Supermetrics, and Google Sheets and draw conclusions from this data to produce better outcomes
  • operate with a "growth hacker" mentality, and an agile work strategy of build, measure, learn
  • develop creative ideas, new initiatives, and new marketing strategies that push the boundaries of innovation on what CovalentCareers can offer new and existing users


  • manage your direct and indirect reports, which at this time include:
    • Marketing Coordinator
    • Associate Editor
    • Graphic Designer
    • Post Production Editor
    • Several freelance writers
    • Advisory board members
  • build deep, transparent relationships with your team and help them to grow in their roles
  • help to source, screen, and interview new additions to the marketing team
  • host weekly 1:1s and larger quarterly reviews with key team members
  • work directly with our COO, who leads our sales and recruiting departments, to understand how our marketing efforts are supporting or not supporting their goals

Inbound & Content Marketing:

  • strategize, develop, and release up to 30 inbound marketing campaigns per quarter with the support of the full team
  • work with our CEO to develop full scale marketing strategies that utilize social, video, ebooks, audio, photography, and of course written content
  • work with independent writers (industry influencers) to help create the best inbound content possible
  • work with our graphic designer to create amazing images and designs that tell the story you want to communicate and leverage these designs in a variety of different channels
  • perform advanced SEO analysis on an ongoing basis to better construct inbound campaigns and content that converts users (we use Ahrefs)
  • collaborate directly with our Marketing Coordinator and Associate Editor to ensure the action items of your SEO analysis are acted upon and measured
  • collaborate with the marketing team to use our in-house film studio to plan and execute all video media production for our inbound campaigns, which can involve creating storyboards, dictating the flow of film, handling edits and revisions with our editor, exporting the right files to a variety of platforms that match the channel, medium, size, and demographic of that platform (no need to have film production or post-production skills as we have that handled)
  • coordinate monthly newsletters with highest possible open and click rates
  • construct emails to a variety of demographics in our database using HubSpot
  • work directly with our CEO (who is an optometrist) and our COO (who is a physical therapist) to create regular written and video content that will be utilized in various campaigns

Brand Marketing:

  • work with our graphic designer to standardize all brand assets and ensure the company sticks to our brand guides, voice tone, and visual elements
  • ensure our brand is well represented by monitoring social channels, news outlets and being proactive to help mold our brand image within these channels
  • support our team by handling strategy and planning for events and exhibitions (we exhibit roughly 4x / year and attend other conferences with collateral)
  • strategize and work with our team to develop sales collateral (print and PDF)

Social Media Marketing:

  • strategize, develop, and release all organic social content on Facebook and Instagram (stories and feed posts) to build brand equity and share of voice
  • focus strategically on Instagram and working with paid influencers to deliver sticky messaging through content that is exciting and draws engagement and DMs
  • manage all paid social campaigns that are associated with your inbound marketing campaigns


  • strategize, develop and manage ad campaigns  primarily within Google Ad Manager, and Facebook Business, along with testing new ad strategies on networks like LinkedIn and YouTube
  • strategize, develop, and release native banner ads on our own web properties along with retargeting ads via AdRoll while working with our graphic designer to test new creatives

Product Marketing:

  • work directly with the product engineering team to aid in the process of new product iterations, specifically when they relate to front-end user marketing or preventing user churn
  • work directly with the product engineering team to build new, front end marketing website pages and landing pages that bring users into our funnels
  • reflect on the commentary and observations from our product team and bring these back to the marketing department 
 Who will I get to work with? 

At the time of writing this, we’ve got 15 team members here at CovalentCareers and will be at 18-ish by the end of  2019. You’ll get to work with everyone, but most closely with our CEO, Marketing Coordinator, Associate Director of Client Services, Graphic Designer, and Associate Editor. You’ll report directly to our CEO for high-level tasks and strategy but you’ll spend most of your time working with our marketing and product teams. You’ll get to work with tons of industry influencers and with a cinematography team as well.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • A minimum of 6 years of experience in a full-time marketing role
  • Incredible work ethic
  • A strong motivation to become a Marketing Director
  • A critical attention to data and ROI

Like what you’ve read so far? 

The greatest benefit we offer is the freedom to define your role, and the ability to make key decisions that have a direct impact on the success of the company.

We expect everyone here to work incredibly hard, and we reward people for results. If you've achieved your goals early, then you can go bigger, or take the time to enjoy some of the sweet perks of working here like:

  • Generous paid time off and flex-days
  • Endless drinks and snacks in the office 
  • Fully-covered annual team trips
  • Team happy hours to celebrate small wins 
  • Company-wide parties to celebrate big wins 
  • or Kindle membership 
  • Quarterly team social events and frequent happy hours
  • Meetings around Hillcrest and Balboa park

Plus you can expect some pretty great benefits like:

  • Health Insurance
  • 401K
  • PTO
  • VTO days
  • Sick Time
  • Paid Holidays
  • Volunteering Time Off
  • Rad welcome package
  • Standing desks (or sitting desks, if you prefer)

Core Skills

  • Content marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting Ads
  • FB and Google Ads
  • Ad retargeting
  • Social media
  • Project management
  • Experience with film (an added bonus)


  • Hubspot
  • Asana
  • AdRoll
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Ads
  • Datastudio
  • Google Analytics
  • Airtable
  • Supermetrics
  • Ahrefs
  • FB/IG Ads
  • Typeform
  • Search Console
  • Trello


  • $70 - 90k
  • Full Benefits
  • Visa Sponsorship not available