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Receptionist at CovalentCareers

San Diego, California


CovalentCareers is a rapidly growing startup, steps from the beach, in beautiful San Diego, CA. Our values as a team lie on a foundation of learning, growing, and crushing goals every day.

Our team's growth and happiness are our top priority and will forever receive our fullest attention. When everyone is stoked about what they do and where they work, we are able to build a team of A-players that are ready for anything. That's where you come in!

At our core, we are a technology company, and we eat, sleep, and breathe product, and that product wouldn't be the game changer that it is today without the right people to spread the good word. Our business development team is comprised of charismatic visionaries who understand the importance of perseverance, who bound over bars that others think are too high, and who are driven by a need to grow.

What is the job? 

We’re hiring a full-time Receptionist here at CovalentCareers to provide: 

  • Customer Support
  • Sales Team Support
  • Candidate Team Support
  • Account Management
  • Active outreach for feedback and testimonials

Have you done these things before? Awesome! Do you have no idea what these things mean? That's perfect because this is a fantastic opportunity to start your career! We provide training to set you up for massive success by helping you to:

  • Improve your communication skills
  • Understand how to provide incredible support
  • Utilize technology to make your job easier :) 
  • Manage accounts and relationships with clients

Who are we? 

Join one of California’s fastest growing technology companies in the healthcare staffing and career development space, located right in the heart of San Diego.

Our user base consists of healthcare professionals and healthcare employers across the U.S. and is fueled by a suite of online media publications tailored specifically for new graduates in allied health fields. 

Where are we? 

Based in beautiful San Diego, our Hillcrest office is right in the heart of town. Our convenient location close to the 163 on and off ramp makes commuting easy. We're just a short walk from Balboa Park where there are over 17 museums. Not to mention, some of the best lunch spots are within blocks of the office, adding variety to your midday break. Also, at sundown, the Hillcrest parrots (yes, literally parrots) come down to add a splash of color.

What does it mean to be a successful Receptionist at CovalentCareers? 

We are looking for a rockstar someone who can find a win anywhere, who can define themselves as a go-getter, and who can see a goal ahead and blow it out of the water. We want someone on our team who walks in every morning with a passion for catapulting their career and the company forward.

What are the top 6 must-have qualities for our Receptionist?

  1. Passionate People Person. You are the type of person who thrives on human interaction. Whether it’s with candidates over the phone or in-person with the team at the office, you operate best in environments where personal connections are your everyday.
  2. Excellent Communicator. Let’s face it, customer success is all about incredible communication with prospects. If you love conveying information over phone, text, email, chat, and by using the latest software, this position is for you.
  3. Excellent Writing Skills - If writing gets you jazzed up you will enjoy this position. You will constantly be communicating through our chat, email, and writing elegant job descriptions to meet your clients’ needs.
  4. Organization - We work with a lot of people across a variety of platforms, so organization skills are a MUST! You must be the type of person who can maintain an organized desktop and manage a variety of tasks on a daily basis.
  5. Lifelong Learner - We are a fast growing company, and with growth comes change. You will be expected to keep up with a dynamic environment and learn on the go. We are constantly adopting new technologies and processes to help us do our jobs better. You must be the type of person who thrives in environments where learning is an everyday thing. 
  6. Extremely Adaptable - We are the definition of a startup around here. No two days are the same. Our team has been successful because we are willing to drop one task on a moment’s notice, so that we can attend to something more pressing. All of us wind up doing tasks that aren’t officially in our job descriptions, but we do them with a smile because (as you see above), lifelong learning is what we’re all about here.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's degree. 
  • Results-driven and motivated by recognition for results. 
  • Incredibly organized
  • Ability to think creatively and come up with strategic solutions to achieve results. 
  • Obsessed with achieving goals and developing your skills. 
  • Career-oriented with a desire for advancement.

 Top candidates will also have . . . 

  • A background or experience in healthcare. 
  • A background or experience in customer success or account management

Like what you’ve read so far? 

The greatest benefit we offer is the freedom to define your role and ability to make key decisions that have a direct impact on the success of the company.

We expect everyone here to work incredibly hard, and we reward people for results. If you've achieved your goals early then you can go bigger, or take the time to enjoy some of the sweet perks of working here like:

  • Generous paid time off and flex-days
  • Endless drinks and snacks in the office 
  • Fully-covered annual team trips
  • Team happy hours to celebrate small wins 
  • Company-wide parties to celebrate big wins 
  • or Kindle membership 
  • Monthly team bonding events

Plus you can expect some pretty great benefits like:

  • Health Insurance
  • 401K
  • PTO
  • Sick Time
  • Paid Holidays
  • Volunteering Time Off
  • Paid Team Events

Core Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Writing


  • $38K – $50K
  • Visa Sponsorship not available